Lexsure Live Q&A Terms

  1. Lexsure Live Q&A sessions are limited to the person who makes the booking or a singular replacement. In other words, the fees quoted are for one person.
  2. If other members of your firm wish to come in to a session then they will removed. Persistent attempts to pay for one attendee and have others join may result in your firm being excluded from future sessions.
  3. If you fail to attend a session that you have booked then please note that there will be no recording available. No refunds will be given where you fail to attend and do not give advance notice to cancel as specified below.
  4. Lexsure Ltd reserves the right to cancel or vary a session where the occasion necessitates. If Lexsure has to cancel a session a refund will be given.
  5. Lexsure Ltd accept no liability, if for whatever reason, the webinar/training session does not take place.
  6. Prices may be subject to change
  7. Firms who have previously breached Lexsure’s terms and conditions in relation to software products or have not paid previous invoices may have their bookings cancelled and will receive a refund in such an eventuality.
  8. Full invoice payable is payable at the time of booking.
  9. Cancellations: written notice of cancellation must be provided 2 working days before the webinar/training session commences. Telephone cancellations will not be accepted. Refunds will not be given if cancellation takes place within 3 working days of the webinar/training session.
  10. Transfers: written notice of transfer of the registrant/proposed attendee or transfer to another webinar/training session must be provided 1 working day before the sessions commences
  11. Credits may be may given for Lexsure at its sole discretion to be used for a future session. All unused credit after this time will be lost if no correspondence is received in that time.
  12. No shows: in the event that a delegate does not show up on the day of an event the delegate/organisation is still liable for the full fee. If full fee has already been paid no refund will be given
  13. This booking constitutes a legally binding contract.
  14. GDPR: This clause sets out the responsibilities of Lexsure (‘the Provider’), and the Customer in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable data protection law (Data Protection Law). Any terms or words defined in Data Protection Law and used in this clause relating to personal data shall have the meaning set out in Data Protection Law. Where the Provider processes any personal data in relation to services or products covers by these Terms and Conditions, it does so as a data controller on its own behalf (including in order to comply with its obligations and exercise its rights under this agreement), and shall comply with Data Protection Law in respect of such processing. Where the Customer provides any personal data in relation to this agreement, it warrants that it does so in compliance with Data Protection Law and that the Provider may, under Data Protection Law, process such data as required or anticipated by this agreement, and the Customer shall be responsible for any costs, losses or expenses the Provider incurs or suffers as a result of breach of such warranty.