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Short Lease
Lender Compliance

How to Stay on Top of Changes to the Lenders' Handbook

Date: Winter 2017-18

Tag: Checklists, Lender Compliance

This free 20-minute webinar outlines the volume and nature of changes that took place in 2017 and focuses on the risk mitigation tools (including free searches) available to assist in complying with lender instructions.

'All Monies Charges': A Threat to Law Firms

Date: November 2017

Tag: Buy-to-Let, Help-to-Buy, Mortgages

Six of the top ten lenders now say they use ‘all monies charges’ in residential mortgage documents, letting them repossess homes if borrowers struggle with non-mortgage debts. Does your Report on Title deal with ‘all monies charges’? When was the last time your Report on Title have an upgrade when it comes to the mortgage section?

Lender Handbook Updates: 2017 Overview

Date: November 2017 Registration for this webinar is closed

Tag: Checklists, Lender Compliance

Webinar focused on some of the more important changes to the lender's handbook in 2017

How and Why Technology is Changing the way Conveyancers Report to Clients

Date: December 2017- January 2018

Tag: ROT, Leasehold

This 30 minute webinar focuses on how the existing process that most firms use for generating a report on title is broken. The webinar will contain a detailed demonstration of the latest e-ROT technology, including generating both a leasehold and freehold Report. Time will be spent showing you an actual report and highlighting areas of new and emerging risks that are often missed by law firms. One thing you can be certain of when attending this webinar: you will get to see an extremely comprehensive Report. At the very least it will enable you to do some gap analysis with a view to upgrading your own precedent

Leasehold is Changing - Are you Upgrading your Report on Title?

Date: September 2017 Registration for this webinar is closed

Tag: Leasehold, Lender Compliance, ROT

This free 30-minute webinar focuses on what your leasehold Report on Title might contain and how the latest e-ROT technologies can help improve the process of generating a Report on Title.

CML Handbook - Staying on Top of Changes

Date: May 2017 Registration for this webinar is closed

Tag: Leasehold, Lender Compliance, Short Lease

This free webinar focuses on the more important changes in the last 6 months. It will also highlight trends that are emerging when it comes to lender behaviour in particular in relation to certain types of ‘problematic properties’ for example, short leases, absentee landlords, defective leases etc.