Godiva Mortgages Conveyancing Panel Compliance Audit

If your firm values Godiva Mortgages as a conveyancing client then execute a Godiva Mortgages panel compliance audit.

Godiva Mortgages is one of your most important clients for conveyancing work.

Can you be sure that you are strictly following the instructions as a practice on the Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel?

You may prefer to use your current Lexcel auditors but Lexsure is uniquely positioned to conduct a comprehensive lender panel compliance audit for your conveyancing files where Godiva Mortgages are the lending client.

Our complete bank of Godiva Mortgages Handbook instructions enables us to audit a law firms’ conveyancing cases whilst on the Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel retrospectively and in the same vein as Godiva Mortgages would.

Lexsure’s panel of experienced auditors impartially review making use of propriety templates and Lender obligation archives whether each conveyancing matter breached your contractual obligations at the point that the CoT was issued.

For conveyancing firms where their search provider is not offering the service, our fee for a Godiva Mortgages compliance panel audit is £1,975+VAT. We tend to examine eight case files involving Godiva Mortgages, which we can stratify by tenure (e.g. leasehold) year of completion or a mix characteristics.

At the end of the audit, we will issue a full written findings for your transactions with Godiva Mortgages and a baseline risk summary. We can also follow-up with you to explain our expert findings and guidance in a formal debrief. Audit follow-up will occur. Lexsure will contact the appropriate personnel to request the status of planned actions. A maximum of two lender conveyancing panel audits may be commissioned by a practice a year.

Lexsure’s Conveyancing Audit Scheduling System (LCASS) enables you to choose the date, time and location of a Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel compliance audit. The system is available 24/7, which eliminates most instances where you have to wait for business hours to contact Lexsure to schedule or rearrange a Godiva Mortgages panel compliance audit. Please note that before accepting a Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel compliance audit we have to conduct a conflict check. It is not always possible for Lexsure to conduct a Godiva Mortgages panel Handbook risk audit

Godiva Mortgages Conveyancing File Audits : How can we help you?

My practice is on the Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel and we deal with both purchases and remortgage cases. Would your audit cover both types of translation types?


I rarely receive a copy valuation from a lender these days. Do my Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel obligations extend to checking the valuation details where I am acting on a purchase with Godiva Mortgages as the lender?

Every conveyancing lawyer must check the Handbook requirements for Godiva Mortgages as far as this is concerned.

How long will I need to wait before I receive my written report to share with my fellow directors following an audit of our firm's Godiva Mortgages panel conveyancing files?

The intention is to issue a written report within ten working days of the audit taking place.

My firm is on the Godiva Mortgages conveyancing panel and I am considering using your services for conveyancing file audits. Is Lexsure a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors?


How experienced are the auditors who conduct Lexsure Lender Compliance Audits?

Instructed auditors have at least 25 years conveyancing experience (pre-dating the CML Lenders’ Handbook, The UK Finance Lenders' Handbook and Building Society Association Handbook)