Together Personal Finance Conveyancing Panel Compliance Audit

You no doubt expect your lawyers to be adhering to the conveyancing panel Handbook requirements of Together Personal Finance or you can be sure by commissioning a compliance audit.

Together Personal Finance is undoubtedly one of your most important clients for conveyancing work.

Are you 100% sure that you are complying with the instructions as a practice on the Together Personal Finance conveyancing panel?

You may prefer to use your current Lexcel auditors but Lexsure stand alone in being able to carry out a comprehensive lender panel compliance audit for your conveyancing files where Together Personal Finance are the lender.

Our full directory of Together Personal Finance Handbook instructions gives us the ability to examine a law firms’ conveyancing cases whilst on the Together Personal Finance conveyancing panel retrospectively and in the same vein as Together Personal Finance would.

Our panel of expert assessors objectively assess using propriety templates and Lender obligation archives whether each transaction breached your contractual obligations at the point that the CoT was completed.

In the absence of your search company offering the service as part of your account management the fee for a Together Personal Finance compliance panel audit is £1,975+VAT. We tend to analyse eight transaction files involving Together Personal Finance, which we can randomly select by tenure (e.g. leasehold) date or a mix characteristics.

Once the fieldwork is completed, Lexsure will compile a full written findings for your transactions with Together Personal Finance and a baseline risk profile. We can also arrange a conference call with you to go through our auditor’s findings and guidance in a formal interview. Further audits can be scheduled. Our office will contact the head of department to request the status of actions taken. A maximum of one lender conveyancing panel audits may be requested by a firm a year.

Lexsure’s Conveyancing Audit Scheduling System (LCASS) enables you to select the date, time and location of a Together Personal Finance conveyancing panel compliance audit. The system is available 24/7, which eliminates most instances where you have to wait for business hours to contact Lexsure to schedule or rebook a Together Personal Finance panel compliance file audit. Please note that before accepting a Together Personal Finance conveyancing panel compliance audit we have to conduct a conflict check. It is sometimes not possible for Lexsure to conduct a Together Personal Finance panel Part 2 compliance audit

Together Personal Finance Conveyancing File Audits : Your Questions

I seldom get sent a copy valuation from a lender anymore. Do my Together Personal Finance conveyancing panel obligations extend to checking the valuation details where I am acting on a purchase with Together Personal Finance as the lender?

You will need to check the Handbook requirements for Together Personal Finance in this regard.

What is the selection criteria for joining the Together Personal Finance conveyancing panel?

You will need to check with Together Personal Finance directly or their panel manager, if any. There is no connection between Lexsure and Together Personal Finance in managing their conveyancing panel or selection criteria.

If my firm is an existing user of Lexsure services, such as ENQUIRYgenerator does this include access to an annual Lexsure Lender Compliance Audit at no extra cost?

The Lexsure Lender Compliance Audit is a distinct facility for property law firms on lender panels and is independently invoiced.

Lexsure were mentioned on the conveyancing section of my PI Insurance form this year. Do certain insurers reduce their premium where a firm conducts a lender compliance audit?

We suggest that you get in touch with your insurer or insurance broker.

Are lender Handbook audits common?

It is on the increase. Even with repossessions at a low rate lenders are on the move with conveyancing file inspections are already on the increase. Lenders (although not specifically Together Personal Finance) and PI insurers complain that non-compliance is still all too frequent, even in reputable conveyancing firms. With pressure on interest rates and an uncertain financial climate, we recommend ensuring your compliance before repossessions rise and even more file audits are commissioned by panel managers.