UKF Mortgage Lenders' Handbook Changes 2019 - The Year in Review
30 Mins

The anticipated increase in lender file audits has brought the topic of UKF Handbook compliance into sharper focus. The Handbook is, by necessity, an evolving document and, as such, it is essential that conveyancers stay on-top of changes especially as an actionable claim arises if terms are not strictly adhered to. Yet, despite this, lenders commonly report that problems arise where the conveyancer, either through technical incompetence, ignorance or otherwise, fails to follow the instructions set out in the Handbook

This thirty-minute webinar shines a light on some of the Part-2 changes that lenders made in 2019.

  • Particular attention will be on new requirements relating to:
  • Grounds rents
  • Supplemental searches and their impact on building instance
  • New leasehold issues
  • Gifted deposits
  • Disclosure obligations

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Mon Jan 27, 2020
Tue Jan 28, 2020

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