Mortgage Lender File Audits - What Exposure Do You Have
40 Mins

The Lenders’ Handbook has been with us for almost twenty years now. Conveyancing firms have had plenty of time to ensure that they have systems in place requiring all fee earners to consider the Handbook in every transaction and also further systems to monitor fee earners’ compliance with the Handbook’s requirements

Yet lenders and PI insurers continue to point out that non-compliance is still all too frequent.

Lender file audits are at best an irritation, more usually a source of concern and sometimes lead to embarrassment or worse for firms and for individual lawyers. Lenders are on the move with file inspections on the increase. An adverse audit could result in an insurance claim or removal off of the panel.

This 30 minute webinar focuses on what lenders are looking for when conducting a file audit and where the most common breaches of the Handbook are.

Issue addressed may include:

  • Reasons why many files will come under the spotlight by lenders in the next twelve months
  • Whether the Conveyancing Quality Scheme (“CQS”) affords protection
  • Breach or Contract or Negligence ? What will a lender opt for?
  • Tools available to assist in lender compliance

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