40 Mins

Almost all firms have a pre-completion checklist that they use, either on the side of the file or a paper checklist. But how often does your firm update that checklist and how comprehensive is it especially when it comes to new build where the risks are even greater than usual? This free 40-minute webinar focuses on what your new build pre-completion and post-completion checklist should look like.

The free 40 minute webinar will pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • What questions should your new build checklist include in order to mitigate risk?
  • Examples of recent negligence claims and how they could have been avoided
  • Help to Buy - Example Questions/Tasks/Workflows
  • Lender Compliance - How can a checklist ensures that you are up to date with the latest new build requirements
  • How a pre-completion checklist can build your post completion workflow.

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This webinar took place in the past.

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