New Build Reports on Title - Avoiding the Tripwires
30 Mins

New build conveyancing has become significantly more complex in recent years with the majority of mainstream lenders changing their P2 requirements. Statistically, one in two new build purchase transactions where there is a lender will involve a change to requirements via the Handbook or BSA Mortgage Instruction during the course of the transaction.

Particular attention in this webinar on how new build Reports on Title should be upgraded to deal with emerging risks, especially in light of recent case law and UK Finance Handbook changes.

Some of the trickier aspects of new build conveyancing to be analysed include :

  • Lenders’ Handbook requirements (changes and trends)
  • Leasehold issues such a ground rents
  • Estate Rentcharges
  • Concerns that Professional Indemnity Insurers have when it comes to new build
  • Enquiries to raise when acting for a buyer and how to deal with uncooperative builders solicitors

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