Reports on Title : A Professional Indemnity Insurance Perspective - Avoid Future Claims!
45 Mins

For some years now, Lexsure has been talking with Professional Indemnity Insurers, Claims Handlers and brokers. Feedback from underwriters gives Lexsure a unique perspective on emerging risks.

This 45-minute webinar focuses on how a firm's Report on Title can better protect a law firm from potential claims.

Preconceptions will be challenged as you will be encouraged to think differently about Reports on Title.

Example claims will be highlighted together with suggested wording to be included in a report in order to mitigate risks associated with the claims.

This is a vital webinar for firms interested in adopting best practices for this crucial document.

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Tue Oct 22, 2019
Sorry, session fully booked
Tue Oct 22, 2019
Sorry, session fully booked

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Please Note: Webinars are only available to law firms regulated by CLC or SRA in England and Wales. You must specify the firm that you are working for. Registrations from generic email domains such a or will not be accepted. Click here for more info. Regulators, Lenders and Insurers are welcome to book personal webinars by contacting Lexsure directly.